Today's Government Contracting market is more competitive than ever.  Customers are demanding more efficient delivery of contracted services, pushing R&D costs to contractors, buying less product but demanding higher-volume prices, and positioning competitive bids as price shoot-outs.  The most effective companies in the market drive efficiency based on market demands and balanced against growth investments.  We support executives with detailed financial and operational analysis, customized benchmark data, cross-functional expertise and a proven methodology for generating results and implementing change. 

Examples of our Work:

  • A CEO of a multi-billion dollar services company hired us to baseline his companies' indirect costs and wrap-rates to determine relative competitiveness in current and future markets

  • A CFO of a large electronics business relied on us to help stabilize and turn-around a troubled division, maximize program profitability, and create cost contingency plans in the event of substantial and sustained declines in the business

  • Private equity firms have hired us as part of due diligence support to assess cost savings potential at M&A targets and develop post-close plans for achieving such synergy

  • We teamed with a CEO of a mid-size consulting firm to help implement multiple operational initiatives focused on indirect cost reduction, utilization of direct resources, functional shared services, and business development effectiveness, all with an underlying imperative of ensuring the client maintained the highest customer service levels and brand image in the industry. 

New Market Entry

Organic and M&A

Competitive Analysis

Investment & Capital Deployment Options

Organizational Alignment


Search & Outreach

Due Diligence

Financial Analysis

Synergy Analysis


Business Diagnostic

Cost Benchmarking

Indirect Cost Savings Implementation

Direct Cost & Supply Chain Analysis

M&A Synergy Analysis

Change Management

Having run corporate development functions in their entirety, our team provides the expertise and executive training required to develop an M&A strategy, execute the search for targets, perform cross-functional and commercial due diligence, negotiate agreements, organize financing and build and implement an integration plan.  Our approach is underpinned by sound advice around an acquisition target's strategy, markets, competitive position, program performance, risk areas and future revenue and profit performance.

Our team has initiated, ran due diligence for, closed and/or integrated over 100 transactions in the Defense, Aerospace, and Government Services markets over the last 15 years.

Examples of our Work:

  • CEOs of corporations have hired us to act as a key member of their team as an "Outsourced Corporate Development Executive" to drive M&A strategy, target pipeline development, evaluation, due diligence, closing and integration.

  • Private Equity firms have hired us to provide independent, full-scope commercial diligence of forecasted revenue, profitability, and operational synergy, to enable them to bid aggressively, maintain their risk profile, and support a financing business case

  • CFOs have hired us to help them divest various non-core or conflicted programs or contracts

  • The CEO of a large, private equity backed Government Services business hired us to help him integrate a like-sized acquisition target by developing a 100-day plan across all functions and operations of the business, supporting the Integration Project Management Office (PMO) and facilitating re-branding and related internal/external communication efforts.  

Growth Strategy Development

Performance Improvement

We work closely with corporate clients, private investors and their portfolio companies to deliver executable strategic growth plans, implement strategic planning processes and develop business cases for investment.  Our approach to strategy is anchored in a data-driven, market-based methodology that can be applied to services and product companies alike.  Our real-world experience managing corporate strategy and business development allows us to simplify where possible and deep-dive where required.

Examples of our Work:

  • A CEO asked us to help identify future markets for growth, from both organic and M&A perspectives, as well as recommend internal go-to-market organizational alignment and business development road-maps that would help her effectively grow amidst a flat to declining base of existing business.  We worked closely with the CEO, CFO and VP of Strategy, educated the Board of Directors and then helped execute the strategy through a series of facilitated planning sessions and tactical support to Business Development and Division leaders.

  • A new CEO asked us to rapidly and holistically review his business and determine future growth options based on current markets and competitive position. We teamed with the CEO to present the resulting analysis to the business' private equity owners and subsequently facilitated strategy workshops with the company to operationalize the strategy.

  • A private equity investor asked us to help their team develop deployment strategies for new and existing funds, as well as identify operating partners and acquisition targets.

Mergers & Acquisitions Support

Growth Strategies, Mergers & Acquisitions and Performance Improvement